Is dating your best friend's ex bad

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15 Nov 2010 So how do you date a friend's ex or an ex's friend? Read on. How messy depends on just how bad the break-up was either between you and your ex, or your friend and her ex. If you're dating your ex's friend to get your ex jealous, get over it. . The Best Romantic Comedies Starring Actors Over 50 

So me and my best friend met this guy that our other friend (Mimi) knew. ask your friend how she felt abotu you dating her ex? chance are, no matter how she answer, the answer is Is it wrong if you date you best-friends Ex. boyfriend ?

Divorce Dating: Should you ever date your friend's ex wife or ex

26 Sep 2013 Dating a friend's ex is always tricky and is probably best to avoid. I just think it's wrong to date your friends ex point blank and period!A true 

14 Oct 2011 However, this is probably not the best idea you've ever had. Dating your friend's ex is a tricky and often uncomfortable situation. classic film “The Sandlot” in which he said, “Follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong.”.